Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cathy's Key

As you clearly remember from my Cathy's Book review I am Cathy-obsessed. I loved Cathy's Book and I felt no different about it's sequel.

In the beginning Cathy goes to a fortune teller named Auntie Joe, Cathy found out about Auntie Joe online and later in the book we find out that it was no coincidence. Meanwhile Victor is still working for Ancestor Lu and has just come across a serum that could turn Cathy immortal, so she can live with him forever, only problem is that he doesn't know exactly where it is and he can't exactly be with Cathy.

Cathy develops new crushes, new frenemies and destroys enemies. Cathy just has such a fantastic life full of near death experiences and romance with her friends, mainly Emma. Don't you wish you were her, I sure do!

In this story we are introduced to new characters such as Ben, Jewel and Dennis, and we learn some interesting information about the world of immortals and mysterious characters.

Cathy's Key gets 10 out of 10 for its sheer awesome-ness!

*Insider information tells me that the next book in Cathy's series will be named Cathy's Ring. I think she gets married (to Victor) what do you think happens?