Friday, July 4, 2008

Hazing Meri Sugarman by M. Apostolina!

Cindy Bixby is a self acclaimed loser, in high school she is ridiculed for her looks, her brains, and her social status, but she is determined to change all that in college by joining her mother's old sorority, Alpha Beta Delta.

After the hectic and very crazy Pledge Week, Cindy's dreams come true. She has a new makeover which her look hot. She's instantly popular for being an Alpha Beta Delta sister, she's a cheerleader, and she doesn't have to take her classes, but still gets straight A's. Everything is going great. It seems like it's going to be this amazing forever with the help of Meri Sugarman everything thing seems that way. But it didn't stay that way. Does it ever?

You want to know why it didn't stay that way? Well then I'll lay it out for you. Meri Sugarman isn't as sweet as her name might portray. She is in fact a megalomaniac with a knack for controlling everyone around her to get what she wants. If you defy her you will pay! Whether you steal her ex-boyfriend or watch a movie that isn't foreign she will have a plan to torture you 'till you die. No, she wont kill you with her rifle, no, that's for the bluebirds. Instead she'll hurt you and hurt you badly.

Punishments range from hours tied to a bed under burning heating lamps or shaving your head from handsies-kneesies to lowering your GPA below that of a mental person.

Where ever you are, she's there. So don't think you're safe in your dorm room or your bathroom or your boyfriend's dorm room not even the dean's office. She is monitoring it all!

What are Cindy and her friends to do? When faced with a task as impossible as hazing Meri Sugarman. Will Cindy and her friends succeed or is Meri too powerful to overthrow? Read and you will surely find out.

This was a very well written novel, the first by Michael Apostolina and a grandly memorable novel to that. I loved the way Michael portrayed college life in the eyes of Cindy. The alcohol, the sex, the drugs, the people, everything. It was a great story that left me speechless and wanting more at the last page. This book definetely deserves a 10 out of 10! It taught me that individuality is key. The key to the closed door...
On a different note, Happy Fourth of July! Remember only four more days 'till my birthday so get your presents ready. He-he...