Monday, March 31, 2008

My New Story!

Okay, I'm gonna write a story that came to me one day, starting from today going. Tell me what you think about it. If you hate it then say so and if you like it then say so as well. I based my characters on real people, hope you like it! But some stuff is just from my head.

We Will Not Be Silenced by Abby O.


"Hurry up in there I'm gonna be late",yelled Jada to her sister Nia who was in the bathroom.

"Don't you think it takes time to make me look as good as I do",Nia jokingly retorted back.
"Beauty is only skin deep",Jada shouted.
"It's all yours lil' sis",said Nia walking out of the bathroom looking truly divine.

"Finally",Jada yelled sarcastically out.

You see Jada was going to Ruby Stone's Tennis Camp in New Hampshire and she didn't want to be late because she had heard really cool things about it. But she will later find out that the camp is not all that it's cracked up to be!

After a couple of minutes Jada got out of the bathroom and she looked even better than Nia. She had on some Sheer Cover and Burt Bees Natural Lip Balm/Shimmer. She was wearing her favorite blue "Jesus Loves Me" shirt with her dolphin necklace and matching earrings. She was also wearing her Nike tennis Fauna Skort and her Blue Chuck Taylor X-His. She walked to her room got her racket case and her three huge blue luggage bags and went down stairs to get her parents so she could go to Tennis Camp and then they all jumped into their Tahoe hybrid and drove all the way to New Hampshire.
"Bye",said Jada to her parents when they finally got to the camp.

'Bye,Honey",said her parents and then they drove away.

When she finished registering. She decided to go see her cabin(Cabin 34) since the first day of tennis camp was for exploring the camp and making new friends. She decorated her single bed and the space around it and then she took out her book and started to read. She dozed off in the middle of her novel. Suddenly the door started to creak and she was immediately startled.

"Are you okay",asked a nice girl,about Jada's age,as she walked into the cabin.

"Oh,nothing serious just a mini heart attack is all",said Jada jokingly.
"Oh I see we've got our self a Cabin Clown in here",said the girl in a assertive voice(jokingly of course).
"Indeed we do",Jada said sarcastically.
"My name is Penelope",said the girl nicely.
"My name is *drum roll please* Jada",said Jada.
"I was born in Jamaica",said Penelope,"What about you?"
"I was born in Jamaica too",Jada said,"How old are you?,I'm 13"
"Me to",Penelope said.
"What school do you go to",said Jada,"I'm going to Alabaster Prep after summer vacation"
"Me too",Jada exclaimed excitedly.
"We have so much in common",they both sang in unison.
They both broke out into a flood of hysterical laughter.
"One more thing",Penelope said,"Are you a Christian?"
"Well clearly",said Jada excitedly gesturing to her shirt,"Wanna see the Bible I got for my birthday?"
"Ha-Ha,why Not",Penelope said sitting down on Jada's bed as she pulled out a big slick looking blue Bible.
"Wow it's beautiful",Penelope said.
"Wanna go read it at the lounge",asked Jada,"I've got another one that my mom said I should give to a friend, you can have it"
"That's so generous of you, thanks",said Penelope looking very grateful.

So with their new matching Bibles,the girl's hopped over to the lounge,picked a seat and started to read.Lots of other girls in the lounge were looking at them as if they were aliens,but the girls didn't pay them much mind,they just went on reading their Bibles. Finally someone spoke,It was one of the camp counselors.
"Girls, Bibles aren't allowed in this camp",said the counselor.

The girls couldn't speak. They were simply dumbstruck.They were just suddenly full of sadness. They were very angry.Lots of things jumbled through their heads. They were simply speechless,but they finally said something.
"Whaaaaaaaat",they both said looking like they had just been smacked for no reason,but that was it. All they could say was "what?".

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lily B. On The Brink Of Cool!

This is another one of the books I bought at the book fair.But this one wasn't as great as the others. It was about a 13 year old aspiring writer named Lillian Blennerhasset who thinks her parents, her best friend and life are pretty much boring. But at a wedding she meets this cool family called the LeBlancs who mess up her life and eventually disappear. I know it sounds pretty interesting and it is so you might not regret reading it. It also has a suggested and eclectic reading list of interesting books and "Lily B.'s Top Five Reasons to Buy This Book" and my favorite reason is this "Brad Pitt loves women who read". Ha-Ha! Overall this book gets a 7 out of 10.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cathy's Book!!!!

Okay so I read this book because my friend Tyler wanted to reat it because one of the girls in my class got it and she wouldn't show him because she said it was full of private girl stuff(I didn't understand that). Anyway it's my new favorite book because it has multiple genres and it's amazing! It is about a girl who tries to find the mystery of her boyfriend.She becomes very snoopy because she doesn't understand why Victor(her boyfriend)dumped her. She breaks into his house,stalks him and eventually gets kidnapped and Victor comes to save her. At last after all that has happened to her she learns the truth about Victor and her whole world changes from normal to abnormal! When I brought it to school my math teacher was interested and so was everybody, so I let my math teacher read it and after a couple of pages she went to Amazon right in the middle of math class and bought it!That is how AMAZING the book is! There are real websites, numbers, emails, myspaces, and much more. Go to, I'm Lydia919 on there. You'll learn more about the book there and overall this gets a 100 out of 100. That's a special rating for special books!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


So I had to read this book for a school author study that we were doing and not only did I love it, but I worship it(okay that might be a little over the top). This book is about a unusual girl named Susan Caraway who calls her self Stargirl. At first everybody was really creeped out by her partly because she knew everybody's name and birth date and she sang everybody "Happy Birthday" on their birthday and she had the strangest sense of style that anyone had ever seen before. Then gradually she becomes accepted and also becomes a cheerleader. Then she becomes Leo Borlock's girlfriend and she shows him really amazing things! They become serious lovers that everybody hates. Then Leo persuades her to become normal because everybody hates them and then there's some serious drama in the story and Stargirl moves away. Overall this book gets a 9 out of 10! I also found out that Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount are going to make the book into a movie and I can't wait!!! See Ya!!!!!!!

Caddie Woodlawn!!!!!!

I had to read this book for school and it was pretty good. It was based on the author's grandmother, Caroline Watkins. It told about her first 12 years of life and the whole time I was reading the book I was thinking that she probably got her period late if she could run wild with her brothers like that(aren't I just creepy). Anyway,at first she was a tomboy and she played pranks on people, she plowed, she hunted, she did so many boyish things that every time her mother looked at her, Caddie could see how her eyes were full of dismay sometimes. Then finally her father who allowed her to run wild with her brothers because he didn't want Caddie to die like one of his daughters died 'cause of how delicate and frail she was, persuaded her to become more ladylike 'cuz he believed it was her responsibility. She did it because she loved and respected her father. So after that she quit being a tomboy and she started to be ladylike. She sewed instead of plowed,she washed dishes instead of hinting and much more. But she didn't quit hanging out with her two brothers, Tom and Warren. They grew so fond of hanging out together that they sewed with Caddie, they did chores with Caddie and everything else! Caddie Woodlawn was a true American pioneer! Overall this book got a 6 out of 10!

Deep Down Popular!!!!!!!

So I bought this book at my book fair a couple of days ago and it rocked my world!I loved it so much!!! So this book is about a tomboy named Jessie Lou who has loved the most popular boy in school since 2nd grade. His name is Conrad Parker Smith. But Conrad isn't really interested in her and I think that's because she's a tomboy and she cut her hair so short that you can see her scalp. One faithful day Conrad's leg starts to go bad so Jessie Lou has to assist him and they become best friends along with another boy named Quentin. Conrad asks her to the 6th grade graduation dance and she goes and they become even better friends and her hair grows to her shoulders! There is so much in the book, but I don't want to spoil it for someone who wants to read it!! Overall this book gets a 10 out of 10!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who Stole Halloween?

Honestly, this book was pretty boring, but it might not be for someone who likes mysteries, or Halloween, or cats. It probably isn't a great book for people who don't enjoy a good children's book (like me). Anyway this book is a mystery novel about a cat named Halloween who was kidnapped. Well 2 kids try to solve the mystery and at the end they find out that the cat napper is a teacher who uses cat hair to make gel capsules for improving eyesight. Creepy, Huh. Well overall this book gets 4 out of 10 because it was boring, but that doesn't mean you won't like it.

Bud, Not Buddy

I had to read this book because it was on my summer reading list and it was interesting, but i didn't really like it. Bud, Not Buddy is a historical fiction story about a 10 year old orphan boy who's mother died when he was 6 and he never knew his father. So one day he runs away from the orphanage to look for his father and on the way he meets some interesting people and sees some interesting stuff.He eventually finds Herman F. Calloway who he remembers from old fliers that his mother had. At the end he find out that Herman F.Calloway was not his father, but rather his mother's father. Overall this book gets a 5 out of 10!

Peter And The Starcatchers!!!

So I had to read this book for The Massachusetts Book Award Program, awhile back and I absolutely loved it! This book was amazing because it had every genre you could think of. The main character Peter is shipped away to Rundoon to became a servant of the evil King Zarboff the third with his other orphan friends and on the way, he meets new people and his life is changed forever. In the beginning, Peter and his orphans friends get shipped away in the Neverland ,a ship.In the middle, Peter meets Molly and brews plans of escaping while trying to solve the mystery of the secret trunk. At the end Peter finds out about the secret trunk, helps the Starcatchers and from the stardust he becomes a boy who lives forever, never ages, can fly and other stuff. This lovely book is a twist on the classic novel Peter Pan and is riveting yet strong which draws my attention and makes me celebrate every minute of reading through this book's pages. Overall this book gets a 7 out of 10!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Holy Bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best book ever. It's not just a book it is a guide for your life that you should always follow. It's got great stories in it and they all teach you amazing life lessons. Best of all it gives you the tools to keep you from going to Hell. This book doesn't even need a rating because it passes all books that have ever been written. I strongly recommend this book to everyone because it is amazing and if you are not a born again Christian it will save your life. So you should buy this book today and read it from Genesis to Revelation. It might be long,but you will never regret it. In fact you will cherish it in all the days that you live.Bye!!!

L8r G8r!!!

This is the last book in the instant messaging trilogy. This book is about going to college, growing up, and much more. In this book smart Zoe sleeps with her boyfriend Doug, Angela gets a great boyfriend who gives her a Jeep, but eventually Angela admits that she doesn't love him and breaks up with him and later learns than during their relationship Logan (her boyfriend at that time) cheated on her. Maddie gets back together with her old boyfriend, Ian. In this book the girls are also stressing about college and how they're going to stay in contact since they're all going to different colleges and some other stuff. Anyway this book was very lacking in moral standards and was virtually an unclean read, but it gets a 3.5 out of 10. I don't recommend you read this.


This is the sequel to TTYL. This book is also written entirely in instant messaging. In his book Zoe gets a boyfriend named Doug (who used to have a crush on Angela). Maddie becomes attracted to a pot-smoking boy named Clive and is persuaded into smoking some pot (that's what you get when you don't believe in GOD) . Angela finds out that she is moving to El Cerrito, California and eventually escapes El Cerrito and moves back to Georgia and lives with her funky Aunt Sadie. Now this book is a bit funny and talks about some stuff that needs to be talked about so it was pretty good. Overall it scored 4.5 out of 10.


This book is the first novel ever written entirely in instant messaging. This book is about the true friendship of three fifteen year old girls. This book is full of sicko crushes, jerky girls, and much more. It is full of up and downs and funky situations. One of the characters (Maddie)makes fun of Christianity which makes me sick and another (Zoe) explores the religion. A teacher tries to get REAL close to Zoe using Christianity as an excuse which makes my stomach churn with anger, but Maddie saves Zoe by crashing the dude's unwanted alone time with Zoe. I like the book and how it views true friendship, but the other issues are highly controversial and it fails to show any high moral values even by my standards. Overall the book wasn't all that fantabulous so it gets a 4 out of 10. The book was pretty awful, but you might never know whether you like it unless you try, but personally I don't recommend this good as a book read for anyone!

The Year Of Secret Assignments!!!!!!!!!!

This book is my favorite. It is a young adult fiction about 3 high school girls who get 3 boy pen pals from a mandatory pen-pal program in their school,that was meant to bring peace between the rival schools of Ashbury High and Brookfield High. At first the 3 girls aren't really happy about their assignment,but eventually become really really tight with the boys. Except for Cassie who's pen-pal had used a fake name and made up everything he had told her. Cassie already had a fragile heart from her father's death a year before, but that didn't stop "Matthew Dunlop" (her pen-pal) from messing with her. In the end one of the girls (Lydia) becomes one of the Brookfield boy's girlfriend and Cassie gets her justice. Much more happened, but I don't want to spoil the book for anyone who wants to read it. Overall this book gets an 8 out of 10!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another Blog!!!

So this is my fourth blog. Hooray! This one is going to be about every book that I read. I will tell a description and then I will rate it and if any other people have suggestions on books that I should read I will read them and rate them for you! I think this blog will be cool because I'll make it cool. So now I've got to go make it cool. Bye!!!!!!!!