Wednesday, April 30, 2008


At first I read a little and decided I hated it, but I picked it up during Spring break and I totally loved it. I mean it wasn't as AMAZING as Stargirl,but it was pretty good.

So Stargirl is now grieving over the loss of her poor Leo. Time goes by and she tries to write the Longest Letter Ever professing her love for Leo and telling him how the absence of his presence is affecting her life. She meets new people like the rough-rousing 11 year-old, Alvina,sweet little Dootsie, agoraphobic, but lovable Betty Lou, and bad boy harem leader, Perry. With the help of her new friends and nature she learns to get over Leo and start her life anew. I give this book 7 hearts out of 10. I recommend it to all!

Lovingly Crookked,

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Gonna Meme Myself!

Well I read the meme thing on Muffins.and.Books and so I'll tell you 12(I know that's double) random things about myself.

1.I love Jesus and I'm a proud Christian who's not afraid to broadcast it!!!!!!!!!!

2. I am a fast runner.

3. Everybody tells me I'm addicted to reading.

4. I am a good speller.

5. I want some pocky now. Wait I'll go get some...

6. I'm much younger than you think. Ha-Ha!

7. I'm a picky eater.

8. I'm obsessed with the Twilight Saga!

9. I love Edward Cullen!

10. I wish he was real!

11. I obsess over organics. If it's not organic (or natural) I'm not eating it (usually).

12. I thought this was fun!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Okay, now this is the best book I've ever read with its mix of riveting genres it is simply to die for. It takes place in Forks, Washington where a young girl named, Isabella Swan has relocated to live with her father. At first everything goes pretty well in Forks. Until she catches the eye of a "young", flawless, god-like boy, named Edward Cullen. At first Edward keeps his space and seems like he is not interested in her at all, but she has fallen in love with him (a great example of love at first site). Then one day they start talking and she takes rides to school in his car and they get closer and closer. So close that she finds out that he is a vampire and so is the rest of his family. He saves her life many times in this book proving that he is also head over heels in love. But it doesn't always say peaches and cream,another clan of vampires that suck human blood(The Cullens don't)come to town and their leader and his woman hunt Bella down and trick her into meeting James at her old Ballet studio where her mother is supposedly being held hostage. Bella is severely hurt (a broken leg and painful cuts that cover her body) by James and almost dies,but her soul mate Edward and his family find her and save her life. At the end of this spectacular tale Edward takes Bella to prom (even though she didn't want to) where Jacob Black (one of Bella's friends)tells Bella that his superstitious father wants her to brake up with her boyfriend. But she doesn't let that spoil her good time. Then she and Edward have a little talk about why Edward forced Bella to come to prom and why he doesn't want her to become a vampire. It has a very lovely ending in which they confess their love to each other one last time. I give this book 10 organic apples out of 10 organic apples because it definitely wasn't conventional! Hooray for Twilight!

Ida B!

Ida B. by Katherine Hannigan was a great novel that I liked. This story took place in Lawson's Grove,Wisconson 55500 P.O. Box 42 and occasionally in Ernest B. Lawson Elementary. The main characters are Ida B. Applewood, Ida Applewood, Evan Applewood, Lula, and Rufus. The conflict in this story was that Ida B's mother got breast cancer and her life takes a turn from a perfect paradise to a place of mind-numbing torture. This is a very exquisite story!!!!!!!!!!!!

The setting took place in a rural town in Wisconsin named Lawson's Grove, where there were a lot of apple orchards, farms, plants, and flowers and without the apple trees the Applewood family would have been in great debt. Since Ida B. lived in a rural town full of green grass and land, she loved apple trees and she even had long conversations with the trees even though people said it was impossible. In Lawson's Grove there weren't a lot of sky scrapers and big office buildings, so the Applewoods had to travel a long way to get to a hospital. In the setting the town was filled with many water sources such as rivers, streams, and brooks. Ida B. thought that the brook in her backyard traveled all the way to Canada, but she didn't get any proof that it did. The setting was great, but now lets talk about the characters who lived there!

There are many great characters in this story, but the most important are Ida B, Ida, and Evan Applewood. Ida B. is a cheery homeschooled fourth grader who loves the environment, the apple trees in her backyard, and her pets Rufus the dog and Lula the cat, but her lives goes downhill when her mother develops breast cancer, she is forced to go back to public school; which she hates, and her parent's love and kindness towards her, is only thing that motivates her. Next, Ida B's mother Ida Applewood is a caring, devoted, and loving mother and wife who develops breast cancer and starts to loose her hair. The thing that motivates her the most is her family. Last, but not least Evan Applewood. He is a great man who loves his wife and his only daughter, who is also his only child. He is forced to sell part of his family's apple orchard to pay for his wife's medical expenses. That really hurts Ida B. because the people he sold half the apple orchard to, cut it down and the trees were her only true friends. Evan's motivation is his wife. The characters are very important, but the story would be nothing without a problem.

To start with, the saddest thing about this story was that Ida B's life changed dramatically after her mother developed breast cancer, so she hat to find a way to overcome her circumstances. First, Ida B. tried to have fun. She played with her dad and had conversations with the apple trees in her backyard. Second, Ida B. tried to change her negative attitude into a more enthusiastic one. She tried many things like playing with her friends. Last, she tried to turn her enemies into friends. In the process she befriended a girl named Claire and her family. The conflict was sad, but the resolution wasn't.

To end with, the conclusion was my favorite part of the story. It was that Ida B's mother got better and she started to like school. First, Ida B's mother got better. So she'll probably be healthy in no time! Second, Ida started to like school a little bit and she adjusted to many of the things that had happened. It was hard, but she did it. Lastly, her parent's love for her made her forget about her bad consequences and think about how to make them even better. Her parents helped her through thick and thin. In conclusion, I love this book because it taught me that I had the power to turn any bad situation around and I would recommend this book to everyone who reads my blog!!!!!!

It gets 9 out of 10 apples 'cause it was special!

By Abby O.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Books That Float My Boat!

I was just searching the web and found some really cool books and journals that I think you would absolutely love. I do!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My New Story~Part 3

This is gonna be a good one!


"Hey guys, I've got an idea on what we could do for the talent show Friday, wanna hear it", asked Jada confidently.

"Sure", all her roommates yelled with enthusiasm.

"Well I was thinking we sing a song for the talent show about how much we love God", Jada said nervously.

"It's time we use the power of music for something good", Penelope said strongly.

"Well the flyer did say that free speech was allowed, but it might be hard especially 'cause there might not be many Christians or Messianic Jews on camp", Lily said.

"You never know, Penelope said confidently.

"I agree and as the Bible says "Be strong and courageous and get to work. Don't be frightened by the size of the task for the Lord my God is with you; he will not forsake you. He will see to it that everything is finished correctly"~1 Chronicles 28:20

"You're right we should at least try to see whether this will change anything", Lily said

"Have you written any lyrics yet,Jada",Penelope asked.

"Yup",Jada says handing them each a copy of her lyrics, "You could put it to the sound of your instruments".

"Cool",Lily said.

"But you should sing it so we can see what we can do with our instruments", Penelope added.

"Okay,We will not be silenced,'cause the Bible told as to not, We will not be silenced, 'cause our GOD is so good, you can take away my book, you can take away my pencil, you can take away our papers. We will not be silenced, 'cause our Lord is so good, He provides us with food, And I'll never forsake Him. For He loved me so, That he gave his only begotten son, That who so ever believed in Him, Shall not perish,but have everlasting life, We will not be silenced,"cause our Lord is here,We will not be silenced, We will praise and cheer. We will not be silenced,'cause Jesus loves us so,This I know, cause the Bible told me so, If we see an atheist, we will go and preach, If we see a demonic worshiper, We wont turn to violence.Oh our Lord is so good. We will NEVER be silenced", Jada sang.

"Wow, that was amazing, I love your singing voice",Penelope said finishing of with wild applause.

"I loved it too,but I'm a bit sleepy", Lily said with much praise for Jada's singing.

"Thanks guys, I'm a little sleepy too",Jada said yawning.

"Good night guys",Lily said.

"Good night ,Lily", Penelope and Jada both said.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My New Story~Part 2


Dear Diary,

I can't believe what happened last night. They denied me my pursuit of happiness. They denied Penelope (my new Christian friend who is also my roommate) her pursuit of happiness as well. As far as I know it's a free country so I can do what I want to do. How can the counselor say that Penelope and I can't read are new Bibles in the lounge. How could she say Bibles weren't even allowed in camp. Those words stung my heart like a big fierce bee. I mean my parents payed good money for me to come hear so shouldn't I have my choice in what I wanted to read. It's not like if I was back home in New York I could walk up to a Muslim Mosque or a Hindu temple and tell them that they couldn't worship their false gods not even if I had rented them the place. That's 'cause they actually got to pursue their happiness! I love tennis camp,but this is just not right. I think I might have an idea though. We are going to have a talent show, so maybe I could make up a song to sing. That would be totally about God, how much I loved Him, and how great he is. I'll get help from Penelope and Lilian (My other room mate who is a Messianic Jew) and if they say yes I'll come up with the lyrics and they can play them to the instruments that they play. That would be great. And if the counselor tried to stop as from singing our song we would give her a long speech about how the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence clearly states that we are allowed to carry out the religion we choose, we have have free speech, we may pursue our happiness anyway we want, and that it is a FREE country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely aggravated,

Jada P.