Friday, February 26, 2010

The Dark Divine Nail Polish Giveaway

To promote Bree Despain's new novel The Dark Divine I have been given the privilege of hosting a giveaway in which two lucky readers will each receive a bottle of the lovely polish shown above.
Forgiveness is a major theme in this novel so to win you have to write something on why forgiveness is important or a time you had a hard time forgiving someone. I will determine who's writing is nail polish worthy, but if everybody writes something amazing I'll just randomly pick two names out of a hat. Along with the writing include your email.
You can expect a review of The Dark Divine soon.


Gossip Guru said...
Forgiveness is important. Without it, we would have a lot more wars. Friends, would turn enemies. Companies would fall apart. If everyone could forgive one another for mistakes or wrong doings, the world would be a better place. Everyone always says forgive and forget, maybe if we could just focus on the aforesaid rather than the latter, we could move along in this world. Forgiving is hard, but forgetting is harder and takes more time.

Abby O. said...

I totally agree with the whole forgive and forget thing. There have been many times in my life when a friend or relative has done me wrong and I know I should forgive them and so I do, but once in a while what they did comes to mind, it's really hard to forget. It's like a wound, you can forgive your brother for pushing you and causing it, but you can't forget the wound because it's with you wherever you go and it takes time to heal.